kinder colors

The kinders have been practicing a little color theory! They have been working with warm and cool colors here and here for example.

This is the last project in our color unit, a collage inspired by the question- what is your favorite color and why? The kinders LOVED the collage process but even more, I loved their responses to the question. We spent some time before we started, to close our eyes and visualize our favorite colors and then did a quick share. While they worked on their collages, I came around to record their thoughts. Their color responses evoke a memory, feeling, family, or nature- all of them lovely!

(I did get permission to share this secret with everyone!)


Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

What a great project teaching color theory to the little ones.
I enjoyed reading their thoughts.

mel said...

These are great! Did they paint paper to make their color first, or did you just happen to have all of those lovely colored papers on hand?

I do a collage lesson inspired by Mondrian at the end of our study of line, which also serves as an intro to color. This looks like a great lesson to put at the end of our color studies.

Thanks for the inspiration!
My art blog is www.ConantElementaryArt.blogspot.com

Shannah said...

Thank you both:)

Hello Mel, we used scrapbook paper with different printed textures. I love the idea of painted papers though... maybe next year! Thanks for sharing your blog- adding to my blog reader now:)

Vicki Smith said...

I love that you combined the collages with the text. Nice project and very thoughtful.

Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

I just nominated you blog for the Art Ed Blog of the Year.

Good Luck

Shannah said...

Thank you:)
I see you are nominated already- you've got my vote!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this lesson so much! So glad I found your blog.