birthday birds

Say hello to our new batch of birthday birds! The sixth graders do a service project at the beginning of each year. It is their job to sculpt and glaze 300+ little clay birds. Making this many multiples requires a different set of art skills than spending lots of hours on just one piece, so it's a valuable experience.

The birthday birds were inspired by this project and these little birds a few years ago. When a kiddo comes to art on his or her birthday/gotcha day (or as long as it's the same week), he or she gets to pick out a birthday bird. We do summer bdays in June so that everyone will get one by the end of the school year. The kids LOVE choosing a special bird to take home. Well done sixth graders- thanks for working so hard to brighten someone else's day!



It has been a wonderful first week back at school. I am so energized and happy to see the art room filled with artists again!

I have this new print from etsy artist Laura Berger hanging on our art room door window- I think it sums up what we do here quite nicely.

The first art day is spent going over the rules and expectations for the year. Here are the three art room rules. We are off to a great start and I look forward to sharing their creativity and discoveries along the way!