fifth grade photography

The fifth grade sponsored an art sale featuring their photography on some beautifully printed post cards from MOO at the school picnic. Our first art sale was such a success we nearly sold out of art post cards! The money raised from the sale of over 400 art cards will go to help offset the cost of printing but most importantly this sale helped our young photographers see that their art is valued and appreciated. Thank you to everyone who came by to support the fifth grade artists!

The fifth grade artists were asked how they might use photography to reflect their place in the world. Photography relates in many ways to the 5th grade theme of Perspectives and was used to help them observe, reflect, and communicate, with a focus on visual literacy. This was the first year I taught digital photography to fifth grade and I couldn't be more impressed with their work but what I loved seeing most was the intimacy and respect fostered through the use photography.

Special thanks to NCS parent and artist Jen Schmidt for her book recommendation that set me on the right path: I Wanna Take Me a Picture by Wendy Ewald.