second grade clouds

The second grade artists have their heads in the clouds!

We finished working on this project which required lots of up close intense observation so it was time to look up in the sky for a change. We have been working on the cloud theme for a couple of months now and started our exploration using Clouds in Art, an interactive website. Partners worked together to identify cloud types in over 20 landscape paintings. Great practice using the interpersonal intelligence!

These felted cloudscapes were made using wool roving and the wet felting process. We used plastic bags, warm/cold soapy water, and lots of energy to work the fibers into fabric in this very bodily-kinesthetic activity. We had some tired arms and very clean art tables by the end of the hour!

The second graders embellished their final textile piece using beads, needle, and thread. They made such beautiful choices! I am also very proud of their perseverance in learning a new skill.


new city softies

Happy New Year!

These soft sculptures were made during a winter break art class at New City School and are sure to bring you a smile. They were so much fun to make and will look great hanging in the gallery for the Sew Loved art show!