sew loved art show opening

Thank you to everyone who visited the Sew Loved opening night! The gallery was packed with artists and their families talking about all of the great soft sculpture art while noshing on grapes and cheese cubes.

The photo above was taken at the very end of opening night. This young artist wanted to stay until the very last so he didn't miss the chance to share his art work with any last minute gallery goers.

Stop by to see the colorful work of Sandy's 6th grade math group also displayed in the gallery. They created ratios comparing the different colors used in the exhibit!

We had 60 pieces in the show submitted by students, teachers, parents, and grandparents! Here are a few to share with more on the way. I am so impressed with the inventiveness of our creative artists!


sixth grade color investigation paintings

I love these free form color investigations! I first saw this project here created by Olivia Gude (love all of her work).

The directions are simple (download the complete project details here):
1. Choose a shape and make it your mark in your painting.
2. Choose a hue. Make many variations of your color without it becoming a different color. Push green until someone calls it blue!
3. Vary the color in hue, value, and chroma.
4. Now choose another hue and use variations as an accent.

The sixth graders did a beautiful job with their color investigations. I certainly enjoyed hearing the excitement and joy of new discoveries being shared along the way. Not wanting to waste any of their color combinations at the end of class, some of them even made abstract monoprints from their color mixing palettes!