kindergarten autumn leaves fluttering in the breeze

Alma Thomas was an amazing artist! I really admire her work and enjoy sharing her as a mentor artist. She was the first African American woman at her university to earn a degree in fine arts in 1924 and continued painting until she died in 1978. Alma excelled in math and science and was inspired by the stars and the natural world around us.

Alma gave her art work some really exciting titles! My favorite is Red Azaleas Singing and Dancing Rock and Roll Music. The kindergarteners enjoyed a game (a little exercise in art criticism) to match the following titles to the correct paintings:

Grassy Melodic Chant
Delightful Song by Red Dahlia
Autumn Leaves Fluttering in the Breeze
Starry Night With Astronaut

(The above images are from the Smithsonian Art Museum Alma Thomas biography.)

Thomas frequently talked about “watching the leaves and flowers tossing in the wind as though they were singing and dancing.” Autumn Leaves Fluttering in the Breeze is the title that inspired our kindergarten artists to make their own abstract art using warm and cool colors, pattern, and movement. And our November weather is the perfect time to share these!


dmasse said...

i love me some alma thomas! in the past i have done a project based on her work with first graders. crayon resist patterns similar to these. i like the matching titles piece you did with the kinders. great stuff!

Ruth Lee said...

These are so gorgeous and expressive! Would you mind if I borrowed this lesson with my studio students? I'm working somewhere else now and don't have a blog for it yet, but if I end up posting the work, I'll definitely credit you and link back to your site.

Shannah said...

Hello there,
Please feel free! I'm happy to share and to know we've inspired you:) Let me know if you create a blog so I can add you to my reader!