third grade weaving part 2

The third graders have worked so hard on their weavings! I love when we get to take our time with a project- understanding, connections, and creativity are all intensified in a long process. It offers them the chance to persevere, to appreciate the time invested in making something, and to feel pride in a job well done.

I started using podcasts as a way for students to reflect on their art making process rather than just writing an artist statement. The kids LOVE doing this reflection piece! They are highly motivated to articulate their ideas in a meaningful way. Podcasting is a modern storytelling device and the perfect tool to share their textile art! I have some samples here but you can see them all on our vimeo page. Enjoy!

John from Shannah Burton on Vimeo.


third grade weaving part 1

Our third grade artists have created some beautiful textile pieces using the ancient art of weaving. The words "text" and "textile" come from the same Latin origin meaning, “to weave.” We have discussed how text implies a story or words and how storytelling is very much a part of textiles and weaving. With this in mind, our artists were asked to tell a story using color and pattern in their weavings. The third graders had some wonderful stories to tell!

I love this Doctor Who inspired weaving!

Many students commented on how much they enjoyed the calm and quiet of weaving. This was the perfect project to take outside and enjoy in our school garden.

Shark Attack Ocean Story I'm glad this artist decided not to trim the edges of his weaving. It adds so much energy and movement- and looks like a jelly fish!

This artist did a beautiful job experimenting with the warp and weft.



Come and visit us at Craft OutLoud this weekend! New City School is hosting what is set to be an amazing show. Again and again, New City proves itself to be a place where the arts are supported inside and outside of the school. Make sure to stop by and say hello- I'll be there too!