fifth grade blind contour portraits

I have a fifth grade advisory every morning with a small group of wonderful students. Each morning is spent cultivating our interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences. While the advisory class itself is not an art class, we take full advantage of the art room! For example, we recently did a blind contour drawing portrait project. It was really lovely to see each of them handle the intimacy of drawing their classmate- staring and drawing/following every contour line of their facial features!

Because these are blind contour drawings it took the pressure off of trying to make their portrait look realistic and we had so much fun with the expressive and free lines. The rules are: no looking at the paper, do not lift the pencil and try to use one continuous line, follow the contour lines of your subject slowly as you draw along, and have no fear!


meramec masterpieces said...

these are awesome. i started a blog called meramec masterpieces but have not uploaded anything yet. way to go on getting your student work up. i have found several inspiring art ed blogs and now i can add yours to the list. :)

Beth Williams

ZenCrafter said...

I love this technique, and so does my daughter. It really frees up the brains and the fingers.