fourth grade craft alliance field trip

The fourth graders recently had a wonderful opportunity to create and learn with artists from Craft Alliance. They used new materials and techniques that they might not get to experience in our art room at school. Check out the blow torches in glass making!

The fourth grade artists also worked with metals to make a textured cuff. They had to file, hammer, anneal, shape, stamp, and patina! Lots of hard work but the end results looked amazing.

And finally a group of artists worked in the textile studio. They did silk painting and even the messy paper towels ended up looking like art! This process is a magical one full of gorgeous color.

We spent an intensive and creative afternoon at Craft Alliance that I know will expand their experience, understanding, and appreciation of the arts.

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ZenCrafter said...

What an amazing resource to have access to. I clicked on over and had to click away because the urge to buy was extreme!