kinder pinecone weavings

The kindergarten artists have been creating textile art! These pinecone weavings are a wonderful way to introduce the ancient art of weaving.

We talked about the spiral pattern found in the pinecone and how to use our "naturalist intelligence" in art. I showed them examples of weavings and talked about the warp and weft found in most of our clothes. They did a very simple up and down, over and under movement through the pinecone with their choice of different yarn plies and colors.

This was also a great way to observe each student's natural inclination to help me better understand what kind of artist they are- some pinecone weavings ended up being very technical, some wild and crazy, and all of them beautiful!

Becky of sweetiepie press introduced me to an amazing artist who uses a similar wrapping technique in her art. Take a look at the heart breaking beautiful art of Judith Scott and read more about her in this New York Times article.


ibi said...

I'm so glad you've started a blog with more information on your projects with children. it is truly inspiring!

Shannah said...

Thanks so much Ibi:)

Rachel said...

I think this is just awesome. I particularly love the way you use photos to show the emotion of the kids thinking and analyzing and happy; yet you protect their privacy. Good job.