sixth grade color investigation paintings

I love these free form color investigations! I first saw this project here created by Olivia Gude (love all of her work).

The directions are simple (download the complete project details here):
1. Choose a shape and make it your mark in your painting.
2. Choose a hue. Make many variations of your color without it becoming a different color. Push green until someone calls it blue!
3. Vary the color in hue, value, and chroma.
4. Now choose another hue and use variations as an accent.

The sixth graders did a beautiful job with their color investigations. I certainly enjoyed hearing the excitement and joy of new discoveries being shared along the way. Not wanting to waste any of their color combinations at the end of class, some of them even made abstract monoprints from their color mixing palettes!


Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...


These chroma investigation project turned out beautifully.

Your students did a fantastic job.
I love the boldness of colors and textures

Miss said...

These are absolutely stunning and SO professional looking! I am so impressed! They remind me a bit of the work of Italian painter Giuseppe Basili- you might like his work. Thanks for sharing and linking to this cool project.

Shannah said...

Thank you both.
Great artist connection! I'm going to use him next time.

Mary said...

Loving every one of these pieces! And they're all so completely unique. Beautiful work.

so not that girl said...

These are lovely! I love the texture of the wood underneath the paintings.

Hope Hunter Knight said...

gorgeous color project! kudos to your kiddos :)

Energia Creativa said...