sew loved art show opening

Thank you to everyone who visited the Sew Loved opening night! The gallery was packed with artists and their families talking about all of the great soft sculpture art while noshing on grapes and cheese cubes.

The photo above was taken at the very end of opening night. This young artist wanted to stay until the very last so he didn't miss the chance to share his art work with any last minute gallery goers.

Stop by to see the colorful work of Sandy's 6th grade math group also displayed in the gallery. They created ratios comparing the different colors used in the exhibit!

We had 60 pieces in the show submitted by students, teachers, parents, and grandparents! Here are a few to share with more on the way. I am so impressed with the inventiveness of our creative artists!


Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

What a great show Shanna.
I love the variety of the artwork.

Amie Plumley said...

Oh my - this is so awesome! I love the wonderful creations and sewing - so great! Can I share an image with my readers for my Sewing School blog? I also need to show my students - great inspiration!

Shannah said...

Thank you both:)
And feel free to share anytime Amie!

Amie Plumley said...

Thanks, Shannah, I will!

Kara said...

I was just wondering what their task was? I love these so much, and would like to know how they were prompted to create these.

Shannah said...

Hello and thanks Kara:)
You can read more about the prompt in this post:
Basically, I invited some very generous softie makers to make little inspiration starters for the kiddos.