sew loved

The Sew Loved art show is here!

Where: New City School's Delano Gallery, Saint Louis, Missouri.
When: 2012 Winter-Spring show
Why: Sew Loved will feature artists from around the world who love to make softies. These artists will inspire the New City School children and community to create their own softies in a collaborative way. Create, Inspire, Love!

What are softies? Softies are huggable art! Also called soft sculpture, plush, or textile art, this kind of art is soft to the touch and made from any kind of fabric.

How does it work? Each of the softie artists have created a special little package just for you to help you get started making your own softie. You should have already picked up your package when you signed up for the show before Winter Break, but if not, you are welcome to still participate! Bring your softie to the art room by January 6th and it will by hung in the gallery to complete the art show. I can't wait to see what you create!

I'll also be introducing you to some of the artists featured here in the coming months. More from Sew Loved soon!

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