third grade weaving part 2

The third graders have worked so hard on their weavings! I love when we get to take our time with a project- understanding, connections, and creativity are all intensified in a long process. It offers them the chance to persevere, to appreciate the time invested in making something, and to feel pride in a job well done.

I started using podcasts as a way for students to reflect on their art making process rather than just writing an artist statement. The kids LOVE doing this reflection piece! They are highly motivated to articulate their ideas in a meaningful way. Podcasting is a modern storytelling device and the perfect tool to share their textile art! I have some samples here but you can see them all on our vimeo page. Enjoy!

John from Shannah Burton on Vimeo.


Scary Mary said...


I am beginning weaving with my 3rd graders this week and I think I am going to show them a couple of these to inspire them to make meaning!

Thank you for taking the time to make all of these - and HUGE props to your creative kids!

Shannah said...

Hello there and thank you!
Looking forward to seeing what you guys do:)

so not that girl said...

These are extraordinary. Thank you so much for sharing these and this wonderful project. I'm going to pass it on to my son's 3rd grade teacher and hope she goes for it. This is a brilliant idea for all children because it incorporates so much. Out of curiosity, you must teach in a pretty financially stable school district. Is this part of all the 3rd grade classes in your school? Just wondering because it seems like so many school districts have cut programs and it so great to see something like this, artistic, incorporated into a writing project and as an artist, I love it.

Shannah said...

Hello and happy new year! Thanks for the kind comments:)

I do teach at a private school where the arts are highly valued. In fact, the Macs were a donation to the art room from a New City family of artists. New City is also a place that values diversity so 1/3 of our students receive financial aid.

You are right, unfortunately many schools have cut art/music programs. We are very lucky to have a supportive community here at New City School. Parents like yourself who advocate for arts integration help to make a strong art program for all!

so not that girl said...

I passed on this project to my son's teacher in the hopes that she might do this. How do you get the little weaving machines for the kids?