fifth grade photography

I hope our New City School families are enjoying summer break and the lovely weather we've been having lately. I've been looking forward to sharing the work that the fifth grade photographers did this year.

Last year's photo postcard sale was a big hit and this year the fifth grade photo notecards looked great!

We were inspired by the talented contemporary etsy artist, Joaquima Casas, and her series of whimsical animal photographs. The fifth graders used small plastic animal toys to play with perspective, color, balance, line, and space.

I love these squirrel photos! It's amazing how much character the photographers were able to bring to out of these tiny toys.

Proceeds from the notecard sales went to the World Wildlife Fund.

Check out photojojo for lots of fun photography tips this summer!


Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

Beautiful pictures.
My favorite is the squirrel on the spool of thread.
I am really impressed with the work of your fifth graders.

Hope Hunter Knight said...

well this is very exciting. i bought digital cameras at the end of last year from a fundraiser we did and am planning a photo unit for my 5th graders as well. i've had many ideas spinning about ways i can use them and i just love this. thanks so much for sharing the student work and the artist of inspiration.

Shannah said...

Thank you both:)

Hope, I can't wait to see! I wish we could get together and do some photography planning. Let me know how it goes:)

Mary said...

These are wonderful! What a clever idea. Your students came up with some really unique staging ideas. I particularly like giraffe, the silhouette water reflection and the marshmallow bear. Thanks for the great post!

Yana said...

These are fantastic photos by your fifth-graders - wow! They also reminded me of an artist who does similar work with miniature people - check out www.audreyheller.com. Her work is entertaining and might provide inspiration.

Shannah said...

Thank you Mary:) I gave them two art classes to work on the photo challenge. One was spent outside in the garden and one was spent inside where anything in the art room was fair game for props- even marshmallows!

Hello Yana! Thank you so much for the link. Her photos are so full of wonder and humor. I am definitely going to add this artist to our visuals.