first grade leaf sculptures

We had our first taste of Spring weather this weekend in Saint Louis after many snowy and icy days! This reminded me of a project we did in first grade soon after this printmaking project.

The first graders used real leaves and large rubber leaf stamps to press the leaf texture on the clay. They carefully cut them out and assembled them using the score and slip method onto a base. The sculptures were fired in the kiln and painted using metallic watercolors. I am so impressed with these young artists! Their work is a beautiful reminder that our cold winter trees will soon have leaves again.

I love the little armadillo!


Samantha Melvin said...

Absolutely beautiful--inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

Shannah said...

Thank you Samantha:)

Hope Hunter Knight said...

I've sent you the "Stylish Blogger Award." Check it how it works here: www.dolvinartknight.blogspot.com

Shannah said...

Thank you! How fun:)

Lindsey said...

I was wondering what brand of watercolour paints you used; I'd love to do a similar sort of effect with my class and their clay sculptures.


Shannah said...

Hello Lindsey:)
We used Prang metallic watercolors and I also think I gave them the option of using metallic paint (Prang as well). First, they did a black wash of paint and then wiped it off to help the texture stand out.
Hope that helps!