sixth grade unlikely pairs

We started off with talking about the concept of juxtaposition and I introduced the work of Fred Wilson. He is a master at curating and arranging objects to make powerful juxtapositions especially dealing with racism. Here is a clip of him working in his studio.

We also take a look at Unlikely Pairs by Bob Raczka to help inspire them to make their own juxtapositions.

I've done this project many times and am always surprised and impressed with the creative combinations- I've never seen the same pair twice! I have hundeds of art postcards I've collected over the years. Their task is to find a combination of images that when put together changes the context and meaning in an interesting and creative way. They each need to find their own pairs but they do a great job of collaborating and the conversations are rich. This is also a great way to work with art history! Here are a few examples of their unlikely pairs:

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