first grade pumpkin blanket

These lovely little pumpkins and colorful quilts are inspired by the The Pumpkin Blanket by Deborah Turney Zagwyn. This is a really beautiful story about a brave young girl, Clee, who gives up her quilt bit by bit to help protect the pumpkins in her garden from the frost.

I was so impressed by the heartfelt reaction of the first graders as I read this story. They were really moved by Clee’s choice and pointed out how kind she was. We talked about the special quilts, blankets, and stuffed animals we all have and shared our stories.

The first grade artists looked at real miniature pumpkins to model their own clay pumpkins from. They observed wabi sabi elements of their pumpkins and tried to include the imperfect and natural details that make the pumpkins so interesting to look at. After the clay was fired, they carefully collaged tissue paper in layers to make a vibrant colorful pumpkin!

Our pumpkins needed a blanket next. They used fabric squares backed with a special lining that sticks to the base fabric once ironed. The first graders used pattern, color, and storytelling to create original quilt designs. Each one is so creative and a beautiful reminder of the pumpkin blanket story of giving.

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