second grade garden contours

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. -Rachel Carson

The second graders found natural objects in the garden to use as inspiration for an observation based drawing. Each leaf, flower, or twig was carefully observed and recreated using only contour lines (the most important lines of an object that give it shape). The piece was finished with a special watercolor technique and white gel pen details. It is always such a pleasure to see these young artists take the time to study the smallest details.


therese english perdue said...

These are beautiful! I love the white pen- it gives a poetic 'shadow' or 'ghost' effect. What is the watercolor technique you use?

Shannah said...

Hello Therese and thank you!
They painted a small area at a time (overlapping as they continued) and lifted some of the color up with a crumbled tissue.

therese english perdue said...

Thanks for the tip and for your sweet words over at my blog- it's nice to meet you! :) I'm excited to try this project soon! Thanks for sharing!

Suzanne Fox said...

It has warmed up here in Atlanta and I am anxious to venture outside with my young artists. Did you use watercolor paper for these? A little crayon resist? Thanks!

Shannah said...

Hello Suzanne:)
Yes, we used watercolor paper. Sharpie first, then watercolor, and white gel pen last. Hope that helps!

Colleen said...

terrific idea!