second grade fireworks

We had a lovely time at our neighborhood 4th of July celebration last night and it reminded me of a fireworks inspired project from our second grade artists earlier in the year.

We took a look at the art of Cai Guo-Qiang, a contemporary artist from China. His signature art is based on “explosion events” that use gun powder as a drawing tool. The second graders observed that he is interested in things that are both beautiful and ugly/dangerous at the same time.

Cai is the artist that choreographed the 2008 Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony fireworks show. His art inspired the second grade artists to make their own fireworks using the design elements of line and color. They made a mark of their choice and then repeated it concentrically while overlapping designs. I always enjoy watching them approach this algorithm in their own unique way. Enjoy the fireworks!


Anonymous said...

Those are really beautifull works!

I think I'll try something like that with my daughter this summer.

Many thanks for sharing!

Shannah said...

Hello there,
Thank you and please share with us if you do!

Kohli said...

Hi, I graduated in 1994 and after high school attended art school for my undergraduate degree. I currently live out of state, but my parents still live in the area. I just stumbled across the blog and love it. You have done a really beautiful job, and the projects that the kids are doing are inspiring!

Shannah said...

Hello and thank you for taking the time to send the kind words! Are you an NCS graduate?
I just checked out your blog and notice that we share lots of the same inspiration:)
Lots of good wishes your way!